About Leah

Leah Bramich - Lucy and Loo

Hi! I’m Leah. WELCOME to Lady Business!

I’m a degree qualified marketing professional with over 17 years’ experience across Marketing, Media and PR. As the former Marketing Director of a couple of radio stations and with a Media Agency background, I’ve created some pretty epic Integrated Marketing Strategies for big deal national and international brands. Despite the glitz and glam throughout my career, what I enjoyed most was helping small business owners find their marketing mojo.

I’m also a Mum, a small business owner (this one) and a lover of collaborative environments which encourage knowledge sharing and learning. After all, that’s how we grow!

Lady Business is my 4th start-up business. It’s been a long dream of mine – to create a platform to empower ladies in small business, by gathering all the amazing women I know who are experts in their field… to share knowledge in the hope it will help others.

My promise to you is to deliver practical information to help you on your Lady Business journey (I really dislike that cliché word but let’s face it! Owning your own business is a JOURNEY!) by giving you everything you need to know in one central hub and connecting you with other awesome women who can help you along the way. I believe YOU CAN create the life you want, do what you love and make a living out of it.

I hope this little LB community we have created will help by giving you the tools you need, but most importantly that it will inspire and motivate you in your own Lady Business.

Leah x


Here is a quick snapshot of my top 3 crowning career achievements:

Biggest career achievement: Building a successful Australian Manufacturing start-up, beginning with no capital – just a simple idea and lots of ‘gusto.’ Within 3 years my company hired 6 staff, had a beautiful retail store (that’s my store in the pic above), 18 stockists nationwide, thriving eCommerce website and a fully kitted out industrial manufacturing workshop. This business snowballed rapidly to turn over just shy of a quarter of a million dollars in its 3rd year alone. Oh! And I have NFI how to sew or design fashion..!

Proudest career achievement: Raising (almost) $1million dollars for the Cancer Council in one year. (Which I most DEFINITELY did not do alone!)

Most memorable career achievement: Standing beside 10 naked ladies live on national TV – while being interviewed by Koshie & Sam on Ch7 Sunrise. (Also related to the above)

Best career brag moment: Making Russell Crowe laugh at my dirty jokes, while driving him to his hotel after a radio station interview.

(…and no. I wont tell you the joke!)