COVID-19: Get your Small Business ready NOW.

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Small Business advice during covid-19

[FREE CHECKLIST] I’m sure many of you can relate to the situation I am in, right now… 

At 10 o’clock tonight, my partner gets home from an overseas trip, so our family is in self-isolation for 14 days. As I sit here in my home office on the Sunshine Coast QLD, I’m doing my mental checklist to ensure my family are prepared for what’s to come… Do I have mince in the freezer? (Check!) Do I have enough Panadol just in case (Check!) Do I have enough gum-tree leaves to substitute toilet paper? (Yeah, Nup)

More importantly… Does my business have a COVID-19 continuity plan to sustain the next few months? 

I have to admit, as a small business owner with a start-up that’s just ‘starting up’… the future ahead does look frightening. You need to take action NOW to ensure you have all your bases covered and a continuity plan to guarantee future sales. 

COVID-19 Checklist for Small Business

1. Stay connected. Join our Facebook Group 

No, that’s not a shameless plug. The Lady Business Community Facebook Group is a new group created to connect YOU directly with other women in small business. Let’s face it, the next few months is going to be tough, so it’s important that we all stick together as a community to help one another to share advice and support. Join our Lady Business Community Facebook Group now. (It’s free)

2. Analyse your position NOW. Know your risks and your opportunities. 

Have you analysed your business opportunities and threats from every angle? I HIGHLY recommend you fill out a SWOT Analysis. This exercise will help you uncover your businesses Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – so you have a plan of action moving forward. (Don’t skip this step! Grab a cuppa and DO IT NOW!) 

Some opportunities for you to consider:

  • Can you sell products or Services online? 
  • Can you offer a mobile service?
  • Can you offer a VIRTUAL SERVICE?
  • Can you offer home delivery? 
  • Can you make telephone sales and POST to your customers?

Some threats to consider:

  • Do you have enough cash flow?
  • Will supply chain of products be a problem?
  • Will lack of staff effect you?
  • What happens if your members cancel?

3. Get online. Get mobile. Do it now. 

If you are not online in some capacity YOU NEED TO DO IT NOW. Social distancing and self-isolation measures are already in place in Australia, which means one thing… for the next few months people will be GLUED to their smartphones. You need to harness the power of e-commerce, social media and online marketing NOW to ensure you stay connected with your customers and ensure they can easily make purchases with you. 

See which tools we recommend for your online marketing. 

4. Do you have COVID-19 information available to your customers? 

Right now, people are frightened. We all know frightened people tighten their purse strings. What are you doing to regain the TRUST of your customers? 

  • What are you doing to ensure the safety of your customers and employees?
  • Are you complying with WH&S rules and regulations?
  • What is your refund or cancellation policy? 
  • Is this information easily conveyed to your customers? 

Particularly if you are in a service industry such as beauty, health or food, you need to ensure you have a policy and it’s easily accessible to your customers. We recommend adding a COVID-19 policy to your website, announcing it on social media, emailing it to your customers, as well as displaying signs for your front door and reception desk. 

5. Ensure you understand consumer rights for COVID-19 related matters. 

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has a dedicated webpage in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, for consumers to understand their rights to returns, refunds, warranties, membership fees and pricing increases etc. You need to understand these, to ensure you are abiding by the law. 

6. How are you keeping your employees safe and informed? 

You need to consider the risks associated with your workers continuing under the current circumstances, their rights and your obligations. Safe Work Australia has excellent COVID-19 related workplace health and safety resources and information available to help guide small business.

If you have employees working in an office, you might find the safest solution will be for them to work from home. Start planning this now. How will your employees stay connected? Will they have access to the files they need? Do you have a privacy policy in place to ensure the safe transfer of data?

7. What is the Australian Government doing to help small businesses during COVID-19?

The Australian Governments Business website has various information available for small business. These include financial advice, links to support services, Government assistance, stimulus and tax information as well as risk management, employee obligations and more. 

Leah Bramich
Leah Bramich

Leah is a degree qualified marketing professional with over 17 years experience across Marketing, Media and PR. She has owned several successful start-ups and understands first hand the difficulty business owners face in building a successful small business empire. As the Founder of Lady Business, she hopes to inspire and educate women who are on their own business journey.

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