Small Business Tips to survive COVID-19

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Combat COVID-19 in your small business

These unprecedented times really have made us all take stock of our own businesses policies, procedures and product lines. How will your small business survive COVID-19? It’s time to diversify to combat COVID-19 in your small business. Here’s some practical small business tips you can implement right now.

1. Analyse your small business and make a plan. 

Take the time to analyse your current position and discover new possibilities to create your own business continuity plan. A SWOT analysis is the best tool to help you discover your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Download the FREE SWOT ANALYSIS TEMPLATE HERE. 

2. Make telephone sales.

Do you have a product that customers can’t go without? Maybe there is a possibility of your supply chain running out? FOMO is real!

Now is the perfect time to pick up the phone and make courtesy calls to you customers. You can explain the situation, take a credit card over the phone and deliver the product straight to their door. Your customers will honestly appreciate the personal service and the fact you have helped them not miss out!

3. Offer a mobile service or home delivery

Can your service be performed at your customers home or office? Could you offer home delivery of your products, within a certain area? Right now, your customers will appreciate the convenience of you coming to them – as long as YOU and your customer remain safe.

4. Sell your products online 

Now is the time to diversify your range. Do you have a product you could sell online? 

You can get online quickly with Shopify. This platform is used by more than 1.2 million people worldwide, largely due to its various templates and easy to use platform. 

If you already accept payment via Square instead of EFTPOS, you’re already ahead of the crowd. This platform offers website templates already within your account which are super simple to build. Best of all you can start with a free website (with transaction fees) and upgrade to a monthly subscription once your sales roll in. 

5. Sell your services online – VIRTUAL SERVICES!

Don’t stop your services just because you can’t see your customer in person. You can still offer ‘face to face’ consultations and training sessions in today’s day and age, with the use of technology. 

Facebook Live will help you stay connected with your customers and keep them interacting, more in a membership or social setting. 

Zoom can assist you connect 1 on 1 in a more secure environment and up to 100 audience participants, for free. Your participants do not have to have an account to use it. Large scale enterprise and virtual teaching plans are also available. 

If you simply need to share your screen while you talk with a client or co-worker over the phone, CrankWheel  is awesome. We use this all the time. You can sign up and host 15 meetings a month for free. To share screens, all you need to do is email them a link to click on. It’s so simple. 

6. Sell a digital product

We have seen a huge rise in digital product sales, particularly over the past 12 months. When you think about it… why wouldn’t you want a piece of this action? With a digital product you only have to make it once, there is no limit to the amount you can sell, you don’t need to spend time packing and posting – it’s all automated. Passive income at it’s best! Here’s some ideas to get you going:

For the creatives: Photographs, patterns, tutorials, artwork, graphics

For the academics: Online courses, workbooks, information sheets, eBooks

7. Consider offering AfterPay or Zip Pay

As the corona virus situation unfolds, consumers will continue to tighten their purse strings. Offering an option to buy now, pay later – such as AfterPay or Zip Pay is a great way to encourage purchases.

8. Create an online course. 

Are you SUPER knowledgeable about what you do or a specialist in your field? Why not take what you know and monetize it into an online course?

Thinkific is an online platform for course creators. It’s great for those just are just starting out.. as you can create and launch your first 3 courses FOR FREE! The Thinkific platform is easy to use with templates to assist you along the way, through to advanced features like course coupons, course bundles and membership portals.

9. Fundraise for your local hospital 

Your local health services will soon be feeling the full brunt of COVID-19. This is a great chance to rally your supporters for a good cause. Perhaps you could pledge to donate 10% of sales, offer a fixed donation amount ($2 from every sale) or host a virtual event via Facebook Live and ask for donations?

This is a good PR opportunity for you as it’s a great way to engage with your customers and community on common ground – with the added benefit of flow-on sales.  

To find an EXISTING AND AUTHORIZED not-for-profit hospital charity, visit your local hospitals website.

PLEASE NOTE! Do not visit your local hospitals, fever clinics or health services to record PR stunts for social media –  like dropping off a box of donuts. Stay clear and stay safe!

Leah Bramich
Leah Bramich

Leah is a degree qualified marketing professional with over 17 years experience across Marketing, Media and PR. She has owned several successful start-ups and understands first hand the difficulty business owners face in building a successful small business empire. As the Founder of Lady Business, she hopes to inspire and educate women who are on their own business journey.

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